Classic Car Tuning - Rolling Road at Nutts Performance Classics

Classic Car Tuning

With our rolling road and classic car tuning services, our target market is primarily (though not confined to) classic vehicles running distributor type ignition systems and carburettors. We specialise in the re-jetting/recalibration of Weber, Dellorto and SU carburettors and stock a range of needles, springs and jets to make the necessary adjustments. We will successfully tune anything from race or rally cars to a classic road going car.

Why is rolling road classic car tuning important? The Rolling Road allows us to tune the engine under varied loads and speeds which is particularly helpful whenever you modify your engine or as a diagnostic tool. If you have a problem such as a misfire or flat spot at a particular rev range, a tuning service is always recommended. We are able to hold consistent load/revs for much longer than is practical on the road in order to test different solutions, or make adjustments for increased power/torque.

A worn out or badly set up carburettor can waste fuel, perform badly, or cause serious damage to an engine. We can accurately measure the air/fuel ratio throughout the rev range and adjust accordingly. It is particularly important to check the air/fuel ratio if the engine has been modified in any way as this will most certainly change the fuelling requirements of any engine.

Ignition timing is crucial to every engine and it is important to remember that it’s average power (the area under the graph) and not peak power that accelerates your car. Getting the ignition timing right is not only vital to the engines long term health, but can be used to improve mid-range torque, throttle response, fuel consumption and overall temperament of the engine.

We can produce accurate plotted power and torque graphs at flywheel and driven wheels. The software also allows us to overlay graphs to show any improvements after adjustments are carried out.

Prices for tuning start at £95 for the first hour. If all you want is a power run we can accommodate most vehicles for £45. Please contact us to make an appointment.