Marlin Roadster Kit Car

Nutts Performance Classics have the pleasure in offering for sale this wonderfully built and maintained Historic Marlin Roadster Kit car. It was first built in 1982 using a 1972 Morris Marina as the donor vehicle and identity hence it is not on a Q plate and qualifies for free road tax. The last owner built the car himself in 1982/83 and has owned the car until now. I have the original sales invoice from Marlin Engineering which was for £1266.

The heart of the kit is the carefully designed and incredibly strong chassis which is constructed from heavy gauge box section steel. It is built in such a way that no open ends remain, this guarantees an air tight and thus corrosion free frame. The three dimensional structure of the chassis affords good side impact resistance and the strong windscreen frame provides proven roll over protection.
Bulkheads, floor pans and transmission tunnel sides and tops are made from galvanised steel. The bonnet, engine compartment sides, inner wings and doors are aluminium and the remainder of the panels and wings are moulded with a generous thickness of GRP.

The mechanicals of this particular have recently been upgraded including the fitment of a Ford Granada/Cortina Cologne 2.3 V6, Ford 5 speed (type 9) gearbox and Capri (Atlas) rear axle. Not only does this car perform well and sound fantastic, with the 5 speed transmission and high ratio rear diff it will happily cruise at 70- 80 mph and keep up with modern traffic.

Considering the car was bolted together in 1982 the exterior is in great useable condition with a few very minor chips and stress cracks in the fiberglass that are purely superficial and wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I understand that the paint condition could be very subjective so with that in mind i am happy to provide any close up photo’s if requested. The chassis is 100% solid, i am also happy to provide photos of the underside if needed.

The cars interior is of the highest standard i have seen in any kit car. It was fully trimmed out by Aldridge trimming who are well known in classic car circles. They also supplied all the wet weather gear and Tonneau cover that have all been tested and fit beautifully. Another great feature of this kit is a sizable, lockable storage compartment behind the seats. All the gauges and switches are working as they should including the heater.

Altogether with the classic style and the great sound track of the V6 this car cannot fail to put a smile on your face and with the value of these classic kit cars increasing it is also a sound investment. Any trial or inspection is welcome, we have full workshop facilities should you want to inspect the underside of the car.

We will consider a part exchange of any classic car or bike. All major Debit/credit cards accepted.


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